Migration Crisis

The Europe migration crisis is truly one that many people are asking me about recently. As I thought about it more and more, I had a bunch of questions, presuppositions, and doubts. It is true that an influx of Middle Eastern people could destabilize the EU. With South Eastern Europe already at the brink of … More Migration Crisis

Acts 20

People have been asking me what I have learned from my training with Send. Well here’s the one thing that the Lord was teaching me in my two weeks there. Last February 8-20, I had the opportunity to join in Send’s Member Orientation Program. I was excited going into it, knowing that this is another … More Acts 20

Auntie Marcie

The whole church was stunned. It all came to us unexpectedly. Auntie Marcie passed away last night. Even after 13 hours, I still can’t believe it.  Auntie Marcie was a staple at church. A pillar, iconic Ama of the church. Despite being past her years being an Auntie, her God-fearing, vibrant, loving, and passionate attitude allows … More Auntie Marcie