Migration Crisis

The Europe migration crisis is truly one that many people are asking me about recently. As I thought about it more and more, I had a bunch of questions, presuppositions, and doubts. It is true that an influx of Middle Eastern people could destabilize the EU. With South Eastern Europe already at the brink of... Continue Reading →


Acts 20

People have been asking me what I have learned from my training with Send. Well here's the one thing that the Lord was teaching me in my two weeks there. Last February 8-20, I had the opportunity to join in Send's Member Orientation Program. I was excited going into it, knowing that this is another... Continue Reading →

A Passion for His Name

About two weeks ago, our youth group went to have an Amazing Race in UP-Diliman. I left early to buy our dinner and brought my small group of guys with me. All of them were very excited and was talking over each other. They were not talking about the afternoon's activities but rather League of... Continue Reading →

Killing Christian Hipster

Something every Christian should ponder on. Whether hipster or not.

Maci Shingleton

unnamed (3)   Somewhere on the road of trying to find my identity in Christ I have been met with a dangerous temptation to find my identity in a new “Christian” stereotype. I’m a young adult, I live in Nashville, I sing, I’m a part of a church plant, and I think I have just enough Instagram followers to fit into this new trendy breed of believers (though I don’t have a Hebrew tattoo yet). As cliché as it may be, often my sweetest moments with Jesus are when I’m praying via Moleskin journal and hand-crafted coffee mug… all while Hillsong United and Elevation Worship blast from my iHome. Hear me out, followers of Jesus can drink good coffee and listen to good music and even have sick tattoos but if all of that was stripped away… would it change anything? I’m burdened to think that in many cases, it would. It…

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Auntie Marcie

The whole church was stunned. It all came to us unexpectedly. Auntie Marcie passed away last night. Even after 13 hours, I still can't believe it. Auntie Marcie was a staple at church. A pillar, iconic Ama of the church. Despite being past her years being an Auntie, her God-fearing, vibrant, loving, and passionate attitude allows me... Continue Reading →

Road to Missions: An Unexpected Journey

Last Thursday, I received an email that my final interview with the Send International Board was on June 21st. However, I had a previous trip planned. Eluzai (our church’s evangelistic choir) had a trip to visit the Bicol region to perform musicals. We were going to leave that morning via plane so I had no... Continue Reading →

Surrender: A Rebuke to How We Pray

Last June 21-23, Eluzai had the opportunity to present “Ang Halaga” the musical and visit our missionaries in the Bicol region. We visited our missionaries in Gubat, Sorsogon and in Oas, Albay. A couple months before that, as we were preparing and praying, I kept asking God that He would prepare the hearts of the people... Continue Reading →

You are not your own

Our life is not our own. We need to be aware of the notion that we are united with Christ. We fail to remember that every time we move, think, or even breathe, that Christ is within us. We need to remember that whatever we do, there is someone that is getting affected by it.... Continue Reading →

A Higher Mind: The Mind of Christ

"What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us... 'Who has known the mind of the Lord, so as to instruct him?' But we have the mind of Christ." -1 Corinthians 2:12 &16b We have the mind of Christ.... Continue Reading →

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